Wednesday, October 24, 2012

And The Winner Is!!!!!

We are happy to say we have selected to go with the hardwood flooring for our Kitchen, Dining, Foyer, Mudroom, Powder Room and Morning Room. It was a minor upgrade cost over the base vinyl of only around $4k. The Armstrong Hardwood Flooring comes with a 25 year residential warranty and should really look nice in comparison to the vinyl. We figured since we have a nice kitchen upgrade why cheap out on the flooring. I guess the next step in the process will be our meeting with our PM to look at the lot staked out and to go over everything prior to breaking ground.

And The Winner Is!!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Flooring Meeting

Well last night we had our flooring meeting and I am happy to say we are confused with what to do. We had selected to upgrade our carpet to a better level but was going to stick with the vinyl in all the wet areas including the kitchen dining and morning room. The reason for this decision was due in fact that we have a 3 year old and our little English Bulldog. But, after meeting with our flooring specialist we decided to price out hardwood at a level 2 upgrade. Well after thinking that it would be a ton of extra cash to do this we found out that it was only a small cost compared to doing it later. Of course the biggest issue with upgrades is they are added to your mortgage and will always increase that monthly payment. So now we are torn and have to make our final decision in the next few days. I guess stay tuned for the outcome.

Here is what we choose with both options.  
Timberlake Maple Cognac Kitchen Cabinets are on the left
Timberlake Maple Spice Cabinets are on the Right
Dining, Kitchen, Foyer and Morning Room Flooring Option on the left
Upstairs Laundry and Bathrooms Flooring Option on the Right
Carpet we selected was the Shaw Capri in the middle
The Hardwood we selected was a Hand Scraped Armstrong Century Farms Hickory Honey Butter
The piece of vertical wood is the stain color for our handrail

Vinyl Option

Hardwood Option

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekly Update 10/13/2012

Well had our meeting with Guardian and we decided to add a few more data connections outside of the 4 that Ryan Homes gave us. Guardian offered 6 more for a good price. One thing I really like is the control center we will receive, it will make networking the house easy when finishing the basement down the road. We made sure to put the necessary connection in each room as need be, to avoid ever having to run wires in the future for things like cable tv and Ethernet (even though everything we own is wireless). Overall a good meeting. Now off to our flooring meeting this Wednesday.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

First Offer on Current Home

Well last night we received our first offer on our home. It was a little lower than we wanted but is definitely something we can work with. So now it is time to place a counter offer and see how that goes. I must admit this is a little stressful but not as bad as being the buyer submitting offers. The best thing is we also have 2 upcoming open houses and it has only been on the market 3 weeks as of today so things are looking good.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Structural Changes Meeting

Well today we had our Structural Changes Meeting with our Sales rep along with our meeting with our Loan Officer. Everything went very well we added a few items like ceiling fan rough ins along with some additional recessed lighting. The meeting with our Loan Office went very well and it really help ease some stress. We also had another viewing today of our current house that is for sale and it appears we may have our first offer coming in tonight. So nervous but so excited. Fingers Crossed.

Yesterday we had the chance to go with my Grandfather and Grandmother to have our photos taken at our lot. So happy to be able to share this with them since they have played a huge part in my life and now are playing a huge role in the life of my wife and my son.

Here is a few links to a few Panoramics of our lot

View from the front of the lot

View from the rear of the lot

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weekly Update 10/3/2012:

Weekly Update:
So this week we got the call from our flooring guys and we have everything scheduled. Went the other day to sign a few more papers at the model home and decided to swing by the lot. Happy to say our Sold sign was up.